About us

We are a dedicated group of sailors that love what we do.

Barbi Holzmann:barbi-nbc

For most people, travel is a dream which they plan and save towards, for an annual vacation at a beach cottage in some warm place. For others the idea of chucking in a day job to backpack through a foreign country for a few months is the lure.

For me it’s an obsession which I am passionate about. It’s my driving force; it’s what motivates me to work and what consumes my waking hours. I have lived and traveled in South Africa, where I was born; worked as a contractor in the Comoro’s Archipelago, sailed along the East coast of Mozambique and Tanzania, visited and written about islands only accessible by boat.

  • I’ve lead dives in Mauritius and Seychelles, discovered a community of people who live in tree-houses atop a mangrove forest, on a Tanzanian island, that is only visible at low-tide.
  • I’ve been walk-about in Australia, driven up the East Coast from Sydney along the Gold Coast to Brisbane and up the sunshine Coast to Caloundra; where we visited Steve Erwin’s “Australia Zoo”.
  • I have been sight-seeing in Europe, visited castles in England and watch “Cats” in London.
  • I’ve had hands-on encounters with dolphins in Mexico,  been cruising in the Sea of Cortez, the Atlantic, the Indian and the  Pacific Oceans.
  • I’ve surfed in Waikiki; snorkeled with turtles in Barbados; and spent my 25th anniversary in romantic Magen’s Bay, ST Thomas, Virgin Islands Caribbean.
Wolf Holzmann:profile-nbc

Is an Information Technology Trainer and consultant who got involved with the water at a young age, starting off with snorkelling and spearfishing before moving on to sailing. His first project was to build a Samson Marine of Canada ferro cement yacht. He acquired the plans and started building the frames in a spare bedroom of his house, having never sailed before he was introduced to sailing buy purchasing a 3 metre Tack sailing dingy. He used this to sail around the Durban bay gaining experience during times away from building. It took 3 years to build “Karibu” a 36 foot “C Bird” designed by Samson Marine.

Now living in Victoria British Columbia he sails their Yacht Karibu a Dean 365 as often as he can. Sailing the waters between Vancouver Island and the mainland from Seattle up to Desolation Sound has been a rewarding Experience.