3Ceas Vision




You have accepted Jesus Christ as your Saviour and are saved by faith.

Believe that he is the Son of God come in the flesh and is risen.

Love Him and wish to follow him.

Want fellowship with other Christians.



We got so lonely in anchorages while cruising and longing for fellowship.

we started praying and asking the Lord how to find fellow Christians in anchorages while cruising. The Lord gave me clear instructions to start this club. We asked a few Christian friends with boats to join us.

We know we are not the only ones who crave fellowship in anchorages so if you feel as we do join us.



Fly the flag which the Lord told us. White flag with a red fish shape on it. flown from the port flag halyard/side of boat. The cross is too often used on country flags. The original sign of Christianity was a fish, the cross was only used after Constantine. White flag for the purity of Christ and a red fish for his cleansing blood. The Lord said the flag had to be simple and inexpensive to make so that no one would feel intimidated or that they could not afford it.


The membership list is optional, only for those who want to keep in contact and see who is in the anchorage or next anchorage or who of the shore Christians are there with a church to go to, and for the shore Christians who would be good enough to offer fellowship and help. That you belong to Christ is enough.

Shore Christians (usually, but not necessarily, those of us who for some reason or other have run aground) may be able to help not only with fellowship but tell us where the best provisioning stops etc. are.



There is no obligation to take part in this activity but for those who find themselves in places and with people who need the gospel this is an option to be part of Christ’s “Great Commission”.

We yachts people are in a unique position to reach people and places others cannot.

This website is there to help support you and answer questions you might have, give support on the website, provide a support network and by ordering or posting support material.

We will also provide a prayer group to pray for specific needs.



If you have any stories of Gods hand on your life or your testimony please post it on line.  We feel these are very important as an inspiration to other Christians and a witness to those who are searching.


Meme Grant