I am with you ALWAYS … Matthew 28:20

I feel privileged to be a part of this wonderful community and would like to lead in with a brief introduction.

I know that I am a Christian – of that I can be sure!

I accepted Jesus at the tender age of 6 and have always known His presence in my life. It was really only in 1972 at the age of 21 that I truly become committed to Him and pledged my devotion and love for Him – until then it was a one-sided love affair – all the love coming from HIM and not too much from me. Now I know His love as well as the depth of my love towards Him.

I call myself a sailor – of this I am not sure!

Benguerra beach - my knd of place

Warn ocean water, Palm-fringed white sandy beaches

I have an insatiable love for the ocean and the warm tropical waters, palm-fringed white sandy beaches. I realized early in my life that a realistic way to find and access these places would be to own a sailing yacht and to discover them as so many have before us.

We prayed and planned and worked towards our goal of getting a sailboat. In the meantime we walked the jetties of the marinas dreaming about the day when…

Benguerra island from the air

An island in the Indian Ocean - Bazaruto Archipelego

I lived vicariously through other sailors who recorded their experiences and shared them with me through sailing magazines, photographs, sailing guides and articles and I devoured these like a starved crazy-person.

Then in 1992 we bought a Dean 365 catamaran, hull-deck and bulkhead and began in earnest to transform the dream into reality.

I will record more of this process in future posts, giving my perspective and Wolf, my skipper, husband, soul-mate and love of my life, will relate the more technical aspects.

To get back to why I say I am not certain I am a sailor.

First the negatives:

  • I am not interested in the down-to-business part of sailing
  • I am not good at being at watch on my own at night
  • I don’t understand the sails and how they work
  • I don’t enjoy stormy conditions even though I have never been sea-sick
  • I don’t want to circumnavigate the oceans without crew

Now the positives:

  • I love our comfortable boat
  • I love to cook and bake for my crew
  • I love to share experiences with others
  • I love journaling, photography and story-telling
  • I love discovering new cultures, places and people
  • I LOVE the ocean, warm water, palm-fringed sandy beaches (oh… I said that already)

So, you judge… am I a sailor or not?

I suppose life is full of positives and negatives and the plusses for sailing far out-weigh the minuses. Let’s just say it’s a love-hate kind of relationship for me – a sailor some of the time, but not thoroughly won over… and we’ll leave it at that.

Jesus said: “I am with you always” and that is plenty good enough for this 50-50 sailor relying on the knowledge that no matter where I am am, there He is.