Spring tasks

Preparing your Boat in Spring

Spring is starting to creep up, so it’s time to start thinking about getting your boat ready for the next season. A well-winterized vessel will require less work to get back into the water. Most people choose to do the majority of their checks and servicing before putting their boat away for the winter.  Regardless, getting your boat ready for the spring will also require a series of careful checks. Following is a list of tasks to ensure that the boat is ready for the water this season.

Before starting any work, check your owner’s manual for any boat-specific tasks to be completed. Instructions from the owner’s manual are always a must-do! Then get ready to do some inspecting.

Taxi Dhow

Taxi Dhow

Inspect, Clean & Repair Canvas: Take a good look at all of your canvas goods. This includes the: bimini, dodger, enclosure panels, and cushions. Check for any loose threads or stitching. If any stitching is found to be loose, this should be repaired before being reinstalled on the boat.  Sweep off other canvas projects and clean any clear vinyl. It is recommended using Imar Yacht Soap Concentrate on clear vinyl along with a Protective Polish, and Protective Cleaner.

If the canvas itself is dirty, wash it off with an appropriate Fabric/Vinyl Cleaner and re-treat with a fabric guard. Waterproofing canvas is best done off the boat because the chemicals in Fabric Guard can damage gelcoat surfaces. Be sure to follow the directions as listed on the label when using a Fabric Guard.

Rearrange the Cabin: Right any cushions that were turned up for ventilation, close cabinets, and clean up mothballs (if any were used). Check the cabin for insects and rodents. In the galley, refill the propane tank, and check and freshen the refrigerator and stove.

Fill Gas Tank: Generally, diesel tanks are filled with fresh fuel before being put away. Gasoline tanks however, are usually drained so be sure to fill up the tank.

Summarize the Engine: Inboard and Outboard engines require different winterization steps, and most likely will need to be summarized in the spring. Check your owner’s manual to see what needs to be done to have your particular engine in running order.

Replace Batteries: Recharge and return any batteries that were removed in the fall back onboard the boat. Also return any safety equipment such as dock lines, flares, fire extinguishers, and flotation devices as well as any marine electronics that did not winter on the boat.

Gennaker up, running to the sun

Gennaker up, running to the sun

Inspect & Repair Sails & Rigging: Lay out all of your sails and check for any rodent or insect damage from storage. If repairs from the previous season were not made before winter, those repairs will want to be addressed now. Be sure to watch our Sail Repair Video Series (#X-HT-200695) for a more in-depth look at common sail repairs. Be sure to inspect all running rigging and make sure it is in good working order.

Clean Thoroughly: Even a covered boat can get a little dusty sitting on land all winter. Take this time to give your boat a thorough cleaning inside and out. Give the hull, deck and topsides a general cleaning and put on a good coat of wax. Clean and polish metal, clean windows and hatches, and clean and oil any teak. Make sure drains and scuppers are clear and clean out the bilges.

Re-stock: Spring is a good time to take inventory. Check the spare parts and tools you have on board, and replace as need be. Make sure registration is current and onboard as well.

The key to a successful launch in the spring is giving your boat a good once over with a keen eye. Then you should be all set to enjoy the season!

West Coast of Central America spreading the “WORD”

Hi Fellow Christians,

My goal is to head south from California on my little boat and share the message of the Lord with people.


Sailing query

Hi there and good morning!
I would like to get hold of Meme and Mike Grant, can you please assist?
We need sailing help….:((
Susan Basson

Sail Mail

The SailMail Association‘s network of HF private coast stations provide worldwide coverage.   Every SailMail station provides service in Pactor, Pactor-II, Pactor-III, and Pactor 4.  SailMail’s stations and their frequencies are as follows:

Location Callsign Frequencies in kHz
California, USA
WQLI952 5881.4, 7971.4, 10343, 13971, 13986, 18624, 22917.4
San Diego
California, USA
WQAB964 2759, 5740, 7380, 10206, 13874, 18390, 23060
Friday Harbor,
Washington, USA
WHV382 2794.4, 5830, 7995, 10315, 13940, 18277
Hawaii, USA
KUZ533 2701.4, 5836, 7957.4, 10325, 13930, 18264
South Carolina, USA
(three transceivers)
KZN508 2656.4, 5876.4, 7961.4, 7981.4, 10331, 13998, 18618, 18630
Nova Scotia, Canada
XJN714 4805, 7822, 10523, 13937, 14436.2, 18234, 21866
NSW, Australia
(five transceivers)
VZX 2824, 4162, 5085.8, 6357, 8442, 8684.5, 10476.2, 12680, 13513.8, 14436.2, 16908, 18594, 22649
Maputo, Mozambique, Africa RC01 5212, 7957.4, 10335, 10522, 12689*, 12694, 13930, 13992*, 14588*, 18264, 18630*, 22212* (*these frequencies use a directional antenna pointed NE into the Indian Ocean)
Brunei Bay,
Brunei Darussalam
(four transceivers)
V8V2222 5212, 6305, 7962, 8399, 10323, 11174, 13426, 14987, 16786, 18893, 20373, 22352
Brugge, Belgium
(four transceivers)
OSY 6330.5, 8422, 12580.5, 16684.5
Corpus Christi,
Texas, USA
WPTG385 2720.8, 5859.4, 7941.4, 10361.4, 13906.4, 13926.4, 18376.4, 22881.4
South Daytona,
Florida, USA
WPUC469 2807.8, 5897.4, 8009.4, 10366.4, 13921.4, 18381.4, 22961.4
HPPM1 4075, 5735, 8185, 10450, 13880, 18240, 18440, 23050
HPPM2 2650, 5870, 10329, 13980, 18610, 22643
Los Lagos,
CEV773 2828.5, 5266.5, 10620, 10623, 13861.5, 13875
9Z4DH 2212, 5005, 7405, 10150, 13548, 17103, 18172, 20528
Manihi Atoll,
Polynésie Française
FOHXM 1919, 4206.5, 6222.4, 8289.4, 12576, 16785.5
Niue ZKN2SM 4168, 6241.5, 8308.5, 12373.5, 16563.5, 18856.5

Yarrow Family in Victoria

On Thursday the Yarrow family on their world cruising yacht “Yarrow Gypsy” and sister ship to our own “Karibu” arrived in Victoria after a hard crossing from Alaska. Well it seems that the hard crossing was mainly due to having a lot of head winds so they had to do a lot of motoring, something that they are not accustomed to.
We gave them directions to the Sidney North Saanich Yacht Club where they overnighted but the yacht club had arranged a regatta so they could not stay there and moved to Van Isle marina the next day.
Barbi and I went to visit them after work and took them each a hamburger and chips. They came to visit us on Friday evening and stayed over. Alec had a lot to do so after a Kings breakfast we took them back to Van Isle marine where they will be staying until Monday and then they will decide where they will spend the time preparing their boat for the next leg of their voyage to San Francisco.
I feel that they are leaving it too late in the season, but I think that Alec is keen to start heading south. My thoughts are that July would have been the best time to leave, but I am not the skipper, so they need to make up their own mind.
They are looking for a place to anchor while they do the repairs to their Bimini (actually looks like they will be making a completely new one) and a few other things.
We look forward to spending a bit more time with them before they head south.

The Yarrow Family leave Victoria

Our friends Alec and Cherry off the yacht “Yarrow Gypsies” arrived in Victoria a day or so before Christmas. They went to live with Cherries son up in the Highlands about 20km away from our house.

It was about 2 weeks later that Barbi and I went round to pick them up for a short stay at our house, they crammed their stuff into our small spare bedroom. We had great chats about what happened to their boat, and listened to all of their experiences from the time that they left South Africa, the issues that they had getting their visa to enter Canada, took over 5 weeks to arrive in US.

Before leaving their yacht in Alaske for the winter they managed to limp from Dutch Harbour, their first port of call after being demasted in the northern Pasific seas to the small village around King Cove on the Alaskan mainland. It was deemed a safe place to haul out the yacht and winterize her and wait for all of their replacement parts to arrive.

After a lot of searching, it was cheaper to have their replacement mast and sails manufactured in South Africa and have them shipped to Seattle from where they will transport them up to King Cove by tug and barge.

Cherry was having eye troubles and decided to have her eyes tested, so we drove her to Costco for the test, she was advised that she was technically blind, so eye surgery was planned.

After a lot of searching they found a specialist down in Costa Rica that could perform the operation at short notice, after obtaining a visa they left for the great south.

Unfortunately the northern Jet Stream had move far south and was effecting the weather down in Mexica and Costa Rica to where they had escaped.

Their plans are to head for England and visit with her daughter till it is time to go and effect repairs to their yacht and then sail her down to Canada in summer 2014. We look forward to their return.

Follow them and get more details on their blog @ YarrowGypsies.

Update on Rainbow Gypsy

Still here…waiting for the Canadian Visa!!

This is the sort of thing that makes a person want to change their citizenship!  One would think that being aged 73, married to a Brit (who never seems to have any visa woes) and the mother to a Canadian citizen, that getting a visa would be a doddle. NOT SO! First applied, or attempted to while in Hong Kong, and was informed that I “might” not need a visa…..not too happy with this very ambiguous statement, but the website did not let me go any further. Could not download the application form etc. and there is absolutely NO personal contact at all. It has to be done online or in the post! When we arrived in Seattle, per the incredible kindness of Melissa White of WWS  (up to then a total stranger)we were told that we would not even be allowed to board the ferry to Victoria without one.  Disaster!  So we went on to the Canadian Visa website and did the whole application and sent it off. We were given a choice of an online application or postal. We went the postal route. 10 days passed and we then got the complete application back, with a note informing us that we had to fill it in on line and then send the passport and all supporting documents by mail,  We did this, only to be told that the average processing time was 29 days. So we had in effect wasted 10 days. Our flights out to Nepal etc. were scheduled for 30th November, which menat that with Thanksgiving, holiday, Veterans Day holiday, it was very unlikely that we would get it in time, but more importantly, we would not get to see our family in Victoria.  We have managed to change our flight plans, and here we  are, still sleeping in Seattle, 40 days later. Well enough rant for the day!!! Seattle has been absolutely wonderful. America we love you those of you who have read our entries from Japan onwards will understand  why we are so thrilled to be back on terra firma,  and in particular to a country which speaks English. The people who have made this such an amazing experience are, in order of appearance: . Melissa White: We flew in from Alaska where we were contacted by Melissa  via the WWS closed Facebook Group and offered us accommodation in Seattle.  Not only that, she came out to the Airport to pick us up at 9.30 p.m.  We spent 9 wonderful days with her, getting to know the pretty suburb of Lakewood. When out walking, not once, but TWICE we were offered lifts by people driving by. Not only that, one lady drove past us, then turned and came back to offer us a lift.  When last did that happen to you? Judy Nasmith: Another WWS, contact and fellow (ex) South African, has a beautiful “vacation let” apartment which she generously offered to us as our home from home for as long as we needed it. Obviously when she had paying guests we would move out but she invited us to return after her PGs left, for as long as we required. This is the sort of generosity that we have encountered from everyone here in the USA. Judy is a successful Yacht broker in Seattle, so if you want to buy a boat and follow our lifestyle, please contact her on here Jon Scott Adams An ex crab fisherman (real life Deadliest Catch fisherman) who we met in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and then later at King Cove. Asked us to look him up when we finally got to USA, which we did.  He and his lovely wife Alicia took us on a wonderful trip to Mount Rainier. What glorious scenery. Washington state must be one of the most scenic areas in the world. Diane Elliott Yet another WWS contact who has opened her home to us and we will be spending Thanksgiving with her and her husband Ed. They have been so generous in taking us on sight seeing trips in the ares. In the gallery below you will see how beautiful it is here. Also thanks to Diane I received my first drawing commission! While marking time here waiting for the visa, I have discovered that I have a small talent for drawing animals and I have had fun doing pet portraits for all our hosts/hostesses. Diane posted one of the pictures on Facebook and I was contacted by a stranger who commissioned a pastel of his beloved dog. Danika Haueisen Without whom we would not have met these wonderful people and had such a great time in America. Thankyou to all of WWS. Thanksgiving Our first experience of an American Thanksgiving was an absolute joy.  We were staying with Dian and Ed and were invited to join their friends for the holiday celebration.  and what a celebration it was, of fun,family, friends and food.  Nineteen of us sat down to a gargantuan meal, all expertly cooked and presented (these American women know how to entertain} followed by desserts like pumpkin pie, pecan pie, cherry pie, blueberry pie, apple pie and huge mousses and decadent, creamy tortes. Absolutely unbelievable. Thank you so much Ken and Jeannie, and Jill and Mitch (master turkey chef….thanks Mitch) and all your friends and family for making it such a special day for us. , Here follows a selection of pictures of taken around Seattle. Hope you enjoy them.

Jon, Alec and Alicia with Mt Rainier

Mt Rainier

Walking in a winter wonderland

Up on the Mt Rainier trail

Small waterfall on Rainier Trail

Quaint gateway to public park in Index WA

Not a millstone, a lumber cutting blade in Index
White water rafting waters at Index

Kayaks for hire at Index

Skykomish river

Diane breaking trail on Skykomish banks

“Bavarian” village, Leavenworth

Sailing Webpages and Books

I have taken these references from a fellow sailors blog site – Annette Baker’s “The Seamless Sailor” and thought it would be interesting to this group of readers.

Lin and Larry Pardey – (http://www.landlpardey.com) – Lin tells it like it is. Enjoyed their books:  The Care and Feeding of Sailing Crew, Bull Canyon, Storm Tactics, and Self Sufficient Sailor.  The Pardey’s books (also in ebook format for cruisers!) and videos enlighten and educate cruisers with their world traveling sailing experience. 

The Boat Galley (www.theboatgalley.com/) – Carolyn and Jan have published the “how to” galley guide.  A must-have-aboard cookbook! Released September 2012.

Commuter Cruiser (http://commutercruiser.com/) – Jan has amazing tips for living on and caring for your boat, even if you only live on it part time.

The Voyagers Handbook (http://www.bethandevans.com/) – Beth Leonard and Evan Starzinger have written a definitive book on cruising.  I refer to it often for tips and information about the cost of cruising.

Noodling At Sea (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00C0W72XE/ref=kinw_myk_ro_title) – Exercises at sea.

Women and Cruising (http://www.womenandcruising.com/) – Wonderful articles by and for women.

Seven Seas Cruising Association (http://www.ssca.org) – They have a forum, great gatherings and cruising stations around the world

Liberty Sails  (http://www.libertysails.com/index.html) – Suzanne Giesemann and her book, It’s Your Boat Too, encouraged me to become a sailor.

Mariner’s Guide to Nautical Information – (http://www.marinersguide.info/index.htm) Priscilla Travis’ very informative reference-style book on sailing terms and topics

Pentagon Sailing Club – (www.pentsgonsailing.org) – Our local club where we learned to sail Capri 22s on the Potomac River from some wonderful sailing friends.   A great bargain for ASA keelboat lessons.

Sistership – (www.sistership.com)  – Captain Pat taught us to sail as a couple in the BVI.

Weems and Plath – (www.weems-plath.com) – High quality instruments and teaching aids.  Love the lights and rules of the road “slide rules”.  HQ in Annapolis, MD.

Peggy Hall – Getting Rid of Boat Odors – http://www.amazon.com/Get-Rid-Boat-Odors-Aggravation/dp/1892399156

Thank You

A message from Peter

I would just like to take the opportunity to say a big, public “THANK YOU” to Wolf Holzmann and Barbi Holzmann for the unbelievable efforts and hard work in trying to expand my support during the AURIA contest that ended last night. If it were not for their tireless efforts, there is NO WAY I would have got second place (and missed First place by only 12 votes). It’s events like this that remind you that the important things in life are not tech toys and other fancy gadgets, but REAL friendships that last over the years, and that working together towards a common goal is where that friendship works itself out. So, Wolf and Barbi, you have my enduring gratitude, and the promise to be there for you when your endeavors require skills that I might happen to have. Thank you BOTH OF YOU!!

And the music goes on (the title theme of his video “Pastures Green”)

PS and this includes all of those friends that helped with the votes.

If you would like a copy of the song  Download the track from this link

Merry Christmas

To all Yachties and Fellow Christians that follow this blog,

Wishing you all a Happy Christmas and a prosperous new year.

May your life be filled with blessings and I will be praying for good things for you all.

Enjoy the Song by good friend Peter Levey and  fellow Christian. [sc_embed_player fileurl=”http://www.3ceas.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/Pastures-Green-171.mp3″] Peter has entered a competition to win some Audio and Video equipment that he will used to assist with the recording in his church. He is the musical lead and plays in the band, his wife Janine is a music grad and teaches piano and also plays in the church band with him. Their two girls are a blessing to them and support them in their music as well as help and work with the youth.
Please help him in his quest to achieve his goal by voting for him before midnight tonight Mountain time.
It should not take more than a few seconds unless you want to watch his video aswell.

Thanks to all that voted for Peter, the voting has now closed and unfortunately he ended up in second place, only 12 votes less than the winner.

The judges will now review the top videos and pick the actual winner. So your prayers will help to keep him in the running.